Red Bull's Content Marketing Strategy

Digital has been a game changer in terms of media production for most big brands. As the number of platforms and opportunities to publish increase online, I see a lot of scrambling to keep up. While some brands are still struggling to find a cohesive strategy for publishing on their own websites and in the major social media channels, Red Bull has taken it to another level, with Red Bull Content Pool.

The site essentially serves as a stock agency with a twist: many of the images can be licensed for certain uses without a fee. There are more than 50,000 in their database, and all of them can be downloaded and re-purposed for uses ranging from a blog post to print publications. Many of the images have a well placed Red Bull logo somewhere within the frame.

The Red Bull Content pool is a compelling and unique marketing strategy. A brand looking to make a serious investment in brand awareness could consider doing something similar. While the Content Pool also provides videos, the still images seem more compelling to me as a type of media that can easily be leveraged by third party publishers

There certainly is no lack of media outlets--from hobbyist bloggers to large media companies--that would jump at the chance to have access to high quality images that relate to their subject area and can illustrate their stories. I'll be interested to see if any other brands follow suit with their own branded stock sites in the coming few years.