Herman Miller creates an editorial platform with Dwell alumni

Herman Miller’s Why is a fantastic example of a brand bypassing magazines and creating great editorial content on their own. The project launched in July of last year, stating that their aim was to answer the question "Why has Herman Miller thrived for 108 years?" They are creating content and hosting it on their site, very much up the alley of what I described last year when I wrote about what Mr. Porter is doing. The formula is pretty simple: Make content that the people you want to engage with will want to consume.

The project is overseen by Sam Grawe, who is the former editor in chief of Dwell Magazine, and edited by Amber Bravo, a former editor at the magazine. For some recent shots, they hired Dwell freelancer Jake Stangel. In other words, the people making content for Herman Miller were all doing the same thing for Dwell magazine just a few years ago.

A couple of recent articles about Mexico city are great indicators of how the Dwell team approaches content marketing. One reads as a travel piece, with just a few references to Herman Miller’s new Latin America headquarters. The other talks more explicitly about a Mexico city based organization that was the recipient of an award from Herman Miller. The stories were written by Bravo and photographed by Stangel.

I suspect that smart brands will continue to borrow from the editorial world, both in terms of their approach to making work, and talent itself. Brands who do this right will be able to grow a loyal, engaged audience that they can speak with on their own terms.